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Multipurpose Lines – A Special Solution designed by MARCHANTE S.A.S.

One of the main assets of MARCHANTE is flexibility and capacity to adapt our solutions for our clients’ needs. For clients who’s priority is not the volume of produced film but rather the variety and possibility to manufacture films with different properties we propose an innovative technical solution :

This is a future-oriented solution for all challenges of tomorrow’s market. Contact our team for possibilities, innovation is our core business!

Multipurpose lines which can be configured for the use of various raw materials at different output capacities.

Here are some possible variations:

  • BOPP lines that can be configured to produce Synthetic paper and BOPE films
  • BOPET Lines – with the option for production of BOPET-G shrink films
  • BOPET Lines – can alternatively produce BOPA films
  • BOPS lines – with SHRINK films production option


Please contact us to check the feasibility of your project of combined film production.