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Marchante’s Recycling Solutions – Making your lines more effective.


Always attentive to the clients’ needs, MARCHANTE introduced innovative recycling solutions allowing you to minimize the cost of raw materials by re-using the waste products, from film edges cut during production or damaged film. Save energy, time and costs, and make your lines more effective !

Therefore, you can choose one of the proposed recycling solutions which corresponds better to your project and benefit from the production cost reduction from the first use of the equipment.

Marchante Recycling
Recycling Solution - Pelletizing Machine Marchante

Pelletizing Machines

With Biax Lines getting wider and faster, high output recovery with optimized quality has become a technical challenge.

Recycling Solutions - Fluff Silo Marchante

Fluff Silos

If you chose a pelletizing machine for your recycling project, think about some options.

Recycling Solutions Marchante


Direct reintroduction of the recycled material into the main extruder, without altering the quality of the material.

Recycling Solutions Marchante

Recycling Turnkey Plant

According to your project, we can supply and assemble a line ready-to-use for waste recovery and recycling.