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Lines for Packaging Film


MARCHANTE has 40 years experience in providing high-quality BOPP film lines. Our lines can be configured to all film types from plain to multilayer, high-clarity to opaque or metallized film for various applications.


Following the latest trends of film production industry, MARCHANTE SAS has developed a solution for manufacturing of thermoforming, coated and high shrink films. 


Improved optical and mechanical properties.
BOPET lines are suggested for customers who require film lines similar to BOPP but with some value-added qualitiesto enter niche markets for special films. 

Shrink Film

MARCHANTE’s specialty know how: range of shrink film production lines for marketing purposes or multipackaging. Main materials OPETG, OPVC, OPS. 


Those films are among the most oriented and solid films. Stretched by the MASIM, these lines are a perfect solution for customers searching for quality barrier packaging of greasy or aggressive substances.

Multipurpose Lines

For clients whose priority is the variety and possibility to manufacture films with different properties on the same production line.