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Due to its expertise and experience in the Biax Market for more than 35 years, MARCHANTE S.A.S. recognizes the trend in the film industry to Speciality and Multipurpose lines for quicker response to the market of value-added final products.

We firmly believe in the potential of Specialty Film industries and the innovative stretching solutions that will have to respond to their requirements. For this, we concentrate in lines capable of producing more than one type of film, but also the future of Simultaneous Stretching (MASIM). With these two innovative solutions, MARCHANTE is ready to face tomorrow’s challenges hand-in-hand with its partners and customers.

Let’s be a future-oriented Team!

Multipurpose Lines- Stretching lines adapted to different film categories:


  • Standard packaging
  • Food packaging
  • Labelling
  • Shrinkable film
  • High/Low shrink overwrap
  • Technical/Optical film
  • High barrier and metallized film
  • Synthetic paper