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BOPS film lines

BOPS FILM LINES – for Biaxially Oriented Polystyrene film.

Following the latest trends of film production industry, MARCHANTE SAS has developed a solution for manufacturing of thermoforming, coated and high shrink films.

Principle film characteristics:

  • High transparency and gloss
  • Chemical resistance to all the detergents and substances
  • Neutral in flavor and odorless
  • Easy to cut and print

Film types and Products exemples

Thermoformed films: blister packaging of medical products, cosmetics, and electronic gadgets, fresh food containers

Laminated films: Aluminum laminated lids for dairy products, etc.

High transparency films: Envelope window

Labels and sleeves: In-mold labeling, bottles, containers

BOPS Film Lines

Line capacity

22 000

Thickness Range

100-800 µm


5,1 m