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Fluff Silos

If you chose a pelletizing machine for your recycling project, think about some options. For example, your pelletizing machine can be equipped on demand with Fluff Silos – for the storage of the film flakes.

Storage fluff silos allow to keep the stock of fluff up to 50m3. Conveying system from fluff silo to recycling machine can be included on demand.

Technology highlights:

  • Special design with agitating screws, double discharge screw and pneumatic discharge valve;
  • With separate controls: single control for the upper agitating screws, reverse control for the lower agitating screws;
  • Frequency converter for continuous adjustment of material flow for the discharge screws;
  • Reinforced flights on the discharge screws;
  • With level indicators (minimum, maximum);
  • Special discharge systems can be used for materials that do not flow easily;
  • Number of silos according to your demand


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Fluff Silos Recycling System