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MASIM Technology

Simultaneous Biaxial Stretching for technical films

MASIM is a MARCHANTE patented technology for simultaneous biaxial stretching of films.

An increasing variety of technical films require a different care during production and stretching. Indeed, some materials require high mechanical or optical properties in their final form, which can be guaranteed by the Simultaneous Stretching process which ensures not only a stretching without roll contact but fully homogeneous properties for the final stretched film.

The MASIM brand is designed to cover all stretching needs on the market for technical films requiring perfectly homogeneous and delicate stretching, for the packaging industry as well as for electronics or energy industries (high barrier films for food packaging, battery separators for lithium batteries for example). 

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Technical Highlights

The new range of MASIM consists in 2 series for very low and higher stretching ratios, allowing a total control of stretching parameters. Launching MASIM Serie L and Serie S

MASIM LS Series Technical Data

Improved stabilization & heat setting 

Ultra-low stretching ratios 

High temperature processes 

Automatic stretching adjustment 

Low stretching forces 

High precision stretching 

High flexibility in stretching ratios 

Stretching temperature accuracy


Technical film for electronics (BOPI, CPI, PTFE, Capacitor Ultra-thin film, Optical films), 

Mono-material packaging for a better recyclability (BOPE…),

Battery Separator Film in Lithium-ion Batteries, 

Specialty Packaging films,

High Barrier films,

Stone Paper… and many more. 


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Good to know :

Can be installed on most existing sequential Biax lines.

Building design requirements are identical those of a sequential line : no additional utilities, no special foundations, no additional space requirements.

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