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BOPA film lines

BOPA Film Lines – for biaxially oriented polyamide films:

As a technological leader for Biax Stretching lines, MARCHANTE’s garanties you the essential product properties for your BOPA Film Lines:

  • Excellent resistance to puncture, tear, burst, oil, grease, solvent
  • High gas barrier properties
  • Freezer resistant
  • Gloss, transparency and printing/laminating qualities.

Possible range of adjustable technical characteristics.

For homogeneous and high quality product, MARCHANTE recommends :

Film types and Products

Our production lines will allow you to produce high quality products:

Food packaging under vacuum and  Agricultural products: Seafood, pre-cooked meal, frozen food, oily substances

Medical products: Bags and sterilized instruments

Aquatic and distilled goods: Liquids and chemical substances of all kinds

BOPA Film Lines

Line capacity

7500 tpa

Thickness Range

12-50 µm


up to 4,2 m


Up to 250 m/min