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BOPLA Film Lines

Always being at the cutting edge of technology and innovation in film production industry, MARCHANTE SAS offers a solution for the production of biodegradable film.
Based on bio materials, BOPLA films can be a real alternative of classic polypropylene films made of crude oil. Due to its environment-friendly qualities, this film type starts to conquer the market of packaging industry.



A variation of specialty film lines destined for creation of packaging with attractive appearance to make it a marketing tool of differentiation.
Heat-shrinkable film can be made of three different types of materials:

  • PET-G (polyethylene Terephthalate modified by Glycol) – highest shrinkable ratio – 80%
  • PS (Polystyrene)shrinkable qualities up to 80%, lower cost than PET-G
  • PVC (Poly vinyl Chloride) – low cost.

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MARCHANTE SAS always takes into consideration some special requirements of customers which appreciate mostly variability and not the quantity of the film produced.
That’s why our company developed a highly flexible equipment to produce various kinds of films from different raw materials and with different output capacities on the same line.
Flexible lines are a key to everlasting success in the film industry.

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Innovation Inspired by Nature.
Trust MARCHANTE for the production of High-Quality Stone Paper, guaranteed without any tree pulp, water or air pollution, acid or bleach, or any waste release. Composed of an optimal quantity of CACO3, MARCHANTE will guide you to the best quality end product.

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