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BOPP Film Lines

BOPP Film Lines – for the production of biaxially oriented polypropylene film:

MARCHANTE’s BOPP Film Lines have  the properties, complying with the highest standards of the BOPP film segment of market

  • Good barrier properties
  • Excellent mechanical and optical properties
  • High yield
  • Low density
  • Food contact approval
  • Good convertibility and printability
  • High speed process ability

Possible range of adjustable technical characteristics

Film Types and Applications

  • Plain film: adhesive tapes, capacitor film, lamination
  • Co-ex film up to 7 layers: high barrier film
  • Co-ex film: for cigarette over wrapping
  • Metallized film: laminates, chips & snack, packaging, chocolate bars, ice cream
  • White opaque film: pearlized film for packaging, synthetic paper, label film
BOPP Film Lines

Line capacity

up to 54 000 tpa

Thickness Range

6 up to 125 µm


up to 8,7 m


225 up to 525