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Lines for packaging film

BOPP film lines – for the production of biaxially oriented polyproplylene film:

NUMBER 1 on today’s packaging film market
MARCHANTE has the experience and competence in providing BOPP film lines considered to be the leader of high-quality packaging industry for standardized film production of big volumes. Our lines can be configured to all film types from plain to multilayer, high-clarity to opaque or metalized for various applications. Find out more about BOPP lines.

BOPET film lines – for the production of biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate film:

with improved optical and mechanical properties especially for flexible thin and thick films.
BOPET line is a solution, suggested by MARCHANTE for customers who require film lines similar to BOPP but with some value-added qualities. Those qualities make the BOPET film enter niche markets for special films. Find out more about BOPET lines.

BOPA film lines – for biaxially oriented polyamide films:

Those films are among the most oriented, stretched and very solid. MARCHANTE SAS has developed its proper patented system of simultaneous stretching – MASIM®. It combines stretching of the film in MD and TD directions. These lines will be a perfect solution for customers searching for quality packaging of greasy or aggressive substances. Find out more about BOPA lines.

BOPS FILM LINES – for Biaxially Oriented Polystyrene film:

Following the latest trends of film production industry, MARCHANTE SAS has developed a solution for manufacturing of thermoforming, coated and high shrink films. Find out more about BOPS lines.