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BOPP – 6,4 meters

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Type BOPP Tenter line
Year 1986
Upgrade Main upgrade 2004
Capacity customer rolls (t/a) 12 000
Maximum Output 1750 kg/h
Maximum speed

Design: 300 m/mi

In production: 270 m/min

Film width (trimmed) 6400 mm
Possible thickness 12-50µ
Main film Transparent coex, transparent tobacco wrapping film
Film structure ABC
Die Automatic 2×920/3 layer
Cooling equipment Chill roll AD = 2100mm and water bath

Preheating: 10 chrome coated rolls

Orientation: 6 rolls, 2 stretching sections

Annealing: 2 rolls


Oil steam heating

Length pre-heating: 4×3 meter

Length stretching: 4×3 meter

Total length: 39m

Chain  Sliding clips

2 winders, width 3200 mm, max. reel diameter 1000 mm

Contact and gap winding

Edge trim  
Secondhand BOPP
MDO Secondhand BOPP
Secondhand BOPP
Secondhand BOPP

BOPP – 6 meters

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Year startup 1994
Thickness 15-60 micron

3 layers

Max mechanical speed: 235 m/min

Produced film type: Packaging film

Nominal output 1400 kg/h on winder


Cascade Main extruder – Cascade

Output max: 1650 kg/h

Two Co-extruders

Output max: 105 kg/h each


3-layer die with coat hangers, without choker bar

Slotwidth 855 mm

Material: High grade alloy steel, flow channels chrome-plated

Flexible die lip, electrical and manual adjustment


 Working width: max. 900 mm

Roll face width: 1.100 mm

Stretching gaps: One

Stretching ratio: 1:1 – 1:7

TDO (Transverse Direction Orienter)

Feeding width: 650 – 800 mm

Max. stretching width: 7 m

Heating medium: Heat transfer oil

Pull Roll Stand

Working width: 6.000 mm

Roll face width: 6.400 mm

2 corona treatment stations

Thickness Gauge

Radiactive nuclide: Krypton 85

Speed range: 1 – 12 m/min

Control system Fully integrated system PLC with server and operator workstations
Other Equipment slitter CW 960MP – year of production 1995, speed 800 m/min, width 6.0 m
metallizer V8 High vacuum – year of production 2006, speed 600 m/min, width 1.7 m

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